Methods Engineer

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Celaya, GU
$30,000 - $35,000
Job Type
Direct Hire
Nov 28, 2017
Job ID
Experience and Knowledge: Able to demonstrate deep technical knowledge of milling - mechanics - plastic processing - assembly
Computational skills: 3D design CREO and / or CATIA, Google Apps, AutoCAD
Main duties: Specifications analysis, tracking problems related to the production team and its configuration. - Participates in the quotation of the process for the development of new projects - Applies the procedures for the development of projects and products - Defines the production flow diagram and its associated validations Contributes to the development of the FMEA process - Contributes to the realization of the plans control - Tracking subcontractors - Collaborate with the training of operators and / or maintenance team - Collaborate in the manufacture of prototypes - Contribute to the definition of process standards in terms of technological options and design rules - Responsible for developing and implementing the design of new tools and means of production.